Spec Sands cc aims at becoming the supplier of choice for silica sand in South Africa and afar.

We specialise in supplying top quality silica quartz and guarantee great service. Having proven ourselves since operations began in 2009.

Our silica sand meets the specifications and standards set throughout the many uses. The quality of out products have been tested locally and internationally by accredited laboratories, with outstanding results.                                                                            

SPEC SANDS supplies optimum particle distribution of alluvial silica quartz for:

Industrial uses

Tile adhesives, grouts, casting, plaster sand, foundry moulds and cores (3DP), impermeable and cohesive cement, non-slip flooring, smelter slag and pipeline bedding, amber glass manufacturing, paint filler, adhesive filler & electronics.

Water Filtration, beds & packing

Municipal, residential, and industrial water treatment facilities, waste water purification, swimming pool filters, filtration bedding, boiler fluidised beds (CFB), sludge/ slurry drying beds, borehole well pack for drilling.

Recreational uses

Equestrian arenas & racetracks, golf course bunkers & greens, playpen sand, synthetic athletic track substrate and sand volleyball courts.


Top soil, artificial/synthetic turf in-fill, compost, fertiliser seeding, sport fields turf, beach parties and sand pits. 

Specialised applications

Pet products, creative arts, aquariums, koi ponds, refractory bricks (firebricks), pelletising, railway track wheel grip, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries & laboratory testing.